Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A Little bit of Time Without You

Ultimately I consider myself to be a hermetic creature. I find myself yearning for a small corner that acts as a place of refuge from the engulfing waves of collective conviviality.

It is not that I shy away from human interaction, as without it I fear I would get lost at sea in an ocean of my own thoughts. Yet I savour moments of isolated calm.

A space, room, corner, chair hidden behind curtains, walls, distance.

Commit yourself to your own asylum. Witness everything begin to solidify. Your consciousness begins to shrink in on itself. The clamour dissolves into ephemeral whispers that seem to reverberate around the limitless confines of your mind. Solitude allows you to lift yourself from the quagmire; shaking off remnants that are embedded and clumped in the crevasses of your skin, and take a long deep sigh.

Do not mask the wonders of your own cerebral depths with a constant desire to be enveloped by the comforting warmth of social reciprocation.

Treasure your moments of separation.

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